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Windows 10 không nhận webcam

fix webcam win 10
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The Dell Webcam Central software is not available for Windows 8/8.1/10. Dell Webcam Central is end of life and no longer supported by Dell. Use the Windows operating system native webcam applications such as Skype.

How to Install Skype on your Dell PC

Dell Webcam Central for Tablets

Version = 2.1.12, A01

Release date = July 16, 2014

Supported OS = Windows 7

SX2210WFP Webcam Central. The software will install the full version of Webcam Central. Note that the “Driver Details” page will list this as for a Dell SX2210WFP monitor. But clicking, “Compatible Systems” shows many Dell PC’s.

Version = 1.02.06

Release date = March 6, 2012

Supported OS = Windows XP/2000/Vista/7

Some XPS models need Windows 7 drivers downloaded from Drivers & Downloads. If you have an XPS laptop please visit the Drivers & Downloads website, enter your service tag number, and look for your webcam drivers under the header INPUT.

Using,Troubleshooting and Resolving Driver Issues on your Dell Webcam

My Dell Downloads, My Locker, Frequently Asked Questions

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